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How To Make A Sofa Look As Good As New

How To Make A Sofa Look As Good As New

Make A Sofa Look As Good As New. More slouch than couch? The solution is right here- make that living area even more comfortable and attractive.

Step 1: Take everything off

Remove anything that is making your sofa look bad. Put all cushions and throws to one side for later.

Step 2: Plump up

Give your sofa seat cushions a good plumping and turn them. You should do this once a week.

Step 3: Throw

If you sofa is stained in anyway Invest in a throw. This covers any marks, protects from future spills and gives a cosy look. Spread it over the entire sofa, tucking in at the edges.

Step 4: Cushions

Replace the cushions one at a time, plumping as you go. Arrange them artistically to look as inviting as possible.

Now all that hard work is done sit back and relax