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How To Make A Stink Bomb

How To Make A Stink Bomb

Uploaded onto VideoJug by KipKay, this film aims to show you how to make a stink bomb with a surprise ending! Create your own stink bomb with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Here's all you need to make the most putrid stink bomb you've ever smelled: Some regular, ordinary sparklers, a couple of super market broccoli rubber bands, some newspaper, matches, and some hair. You can even use human hair, but if you don't have a lot, like me, you can always comb your cat. Your cat loves it, plus it adds to the foul smell of this stink bomb.

Step 2: Preparing The Package

First, you wanna shave down the sparklers and save the powder. Then take your hair combination and lay it down on the newspaper, sprinkle the sparkler powder on it, then roll up the newspaper into a tight package. Then take your smelly, broccoli rubber bands and wrap your little package.

Step 3: The Stink Bomb

After cutting a few holes in the package with a razor blade, take one sparkler and stick it through the end of your package. Now lay it on the ground and light the fuse and stand back. The human hair and cat hair combined with the rubber bands makes a really rank smell. This is a great little, rotten stink bomb with a surprise ending!