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How To Make A Strawberry Sundae

How To Make A Strawberry Sundae

Strawberry Sundae Recipe. An all time classic dessert that has something for everyone. Fresh, fruity and with ice-cream too, it's the perfect retro sweet. Relish our Strawberry Sundae recipe.


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Step 1: You will need…

  • 10 strawberries
  • 3 scoops vanilla ice-cream
  • 5- 6 almond biscuits
  • 5- 6 mini meringues
  • 4 tsp strawberry jam
  • whipped cream
  • wafer
  • milk chocolate
  • serving glass
  • ice cream scoop
  • teaspoon
  • knife
  • fork
  • bowl
  • grater

Step 2: Strawberries

Put a strawberry to one side, hull the rest and put them into a bowl. Roughly crush them with a fork.

Step 3: Ice cream

Put a couple of small scoops of vanilla ice-cream into a sundae dish.

Step 4: TOP TIP

Dip the ice cream scoop into a cup of warm water before you dish out the ice cream. This will make it easier to scoop.

Drizzle a little of the crushed strawberries over the ice cream

Step 5: Meringue

Roughly crumble a mini meringue over the ice cream

Step 6: Jam

Drizzle in a teaspoon of jam

Step 7: Biscuit

And crumble over a couple of almond biscuits

Step 8: Layer

Add another layer of ice-cream, more strawberries, meringue, jam and biscuits. Finish with a final layer of ice cream.

Step 9: Cream

Squirt a spiral of whipped cream onto the top.

Step 10: Garnish

Grate a little chocolate over the cream. Stick in an ice-cream wafer, put the final strawberry on top to garnish,

Step 11: Serve