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How To Make A Strawberry Trifle

How To Make A Strawberry Trifle

Chef Justine Forrest shows how to make a strawberry trifle. One of the all-time classic desserts, this trifle is layered with sponge, strawberry jelly, custard, whipped cream and topped with fresh strawberries and flaked chocolate, just as God intended.


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  • strawberry jelly
  • warm water
  • trifle sponges
  • strawberries, chopped
  • packet of custard
  • sugar
  • milk
  • double cream
  • flaked chocolate

Step 1: Prepare the Sponge and Jelly

First, prepare the jelly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add some trifle sponges to a bowl and pour the jelly on top. Mix in lightly so the sponges soak up the jelly. Add some chopped strawberries and mix together.

Step 2: Set the Jelly

Wipe the sides of the bowl with some kitchen roll, top with cling film and place in the fridge for 2 hours to set.

Step 3: Prepare the Custard

Make the packet custard according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add the custard to a bowl, place cling film right on top of the custard (to prevent a skin from forming) and place it in the fridge to cool.

Step 4: Layer the Trifle

Whisk the cream until thick. Once the jelly has set and the custard is cool, layer the trifle. Pour the custard over the jelly base, pour the whipped cream over the custard. Wipe the bowl to tidy. Sprinkle on some fresh strawberries and flaked chocolate. Serve.