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How To Make A Sugar Animal

How To Make A Sugar Animal

Donna and Sam from the Buttercup Cake Shop give a thorough demonstration on how to build a cat from sugar paste. This friendly, edible figurine would be used on a child's birthday cake or on a cat lover's cake. Donna explains while Sam kneads and shapes the model out of black, gray, pink, red, and purple sugar paste.


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  • white, black, grey, pink, red, purple sugar paste

Step 1: Make the Head, Body and Tail

Start with the head. Roll into the size of head that you want. Then knead a second piece into the body. Roll a tail. Attach to the body. Roll small grey balls for eyes and place in the head. Add some black for the pupils.

Step 2: Make the Nose and Ears

Roll some purple paste for a nose. Pinch off some more white balls for the ears. Add some red for the tongue. Add another two medium sized balls and place on the front as claws. Ta-Dah.