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How To Make A Train Cake

How To Make A Train Cake

The perfect cake for the train enthusiast in your life! Alison Powell from A & M Sugercraft takes you through the steps of how to make a train cake that will go down a treat with both kids and adults.


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  • 2 9" x 9" sponge cakes
  • buttercream
  • green sugar paste
  • black sugar paste
  • white sugar paste
  • edible silver paint


Cut the sponge squares in half, spread a small amount of buttercream on a cakeboard and place one of the sponge halves on top. Spread some buttercream on top of that half. Spread the other half of the sponge with jam and place jam side down on top of the first sponge. You can now begin shaping the cake. Make two diagonal incisions on the top half of one side of the cake. Leave a piece in the middle for the engine and cut the diagonal shapes out. Add the next layer of buttercream on top and spread jam on another sponge half. Place the sponge half jam side down on top of the cake. Mark and cut out the sides of the front half of the cake, leaving a central strip for the engine. Spread the back half of the cake with buttercream. Cut a rectangle of sponge, spread jam on one side and place jam side down on top of the cake. Trim the front and back to make a smooth surface. Spread buttercream over all of the surfaces of the cake and smooth with a spatula or palette knife. This will fill any holes or gaps.

Roll out the two colours of sugar paste on a flat surface, lightly dusted with icing sugar. Roll the black sugar paste out thinly and cut into 1 inch thick strips. Wrap two strips around the base of the cake. Cut away any excess and smooth the edges together using your fingers. Roll out the green icing in the same manner. Cut into the appropriately sized strips and begin by covering the front of the cake, but not the driver's cabin. Smooth the icing into the edges using your fingers. Cover the back of the cake. Finally, cut the pieces for the driver's cabin and smooth on to the cake carefully. Use a cake smoother to push the icing into the edges. Use a craft knife to trim away the excess icing. Once you have covered the cake with the icing, check the edges are smooth and remove any buttercream that might have come through.

For the detailing, roll out a piece of black sugar paste. For the round shaped details, cut out small circles with the nozzle from a piping bag. For the borders, roll out a sausage shape of black icing. You could also use liquorice laces for these parts. Cut small small odd shapes from one of the sausages to form the coal and drop these into the back of the train. On the side of the driver's cabin, make an square incision to create the window and add a small piece of black sugar paste for the handle. Deepen the edges around the door with a craft tool. Place a thin sausage of black icing around the window to form the frame. Cut some small circles of black icing to form the wheels and place along the black border on the sides.

Roll out some white sugar paste and place a circle on to the front of the train and a long rectangular shape at the base of the front of the train. Add some indentations with a craft tool to give a metal grill effect. Paint the white sections with edible silver paint. Then paint some wheel spokes on to the black wheels on the sides.