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How To Make A Tuna Sandwich

How To Make A Tuna Sandwich

This video talks about how to make a tuna sandwich

Hi I'm Darren from Cuisine-on-cue. Cuisine-on-cue is one of London's leading catering specialists. We pride ourselves for delivering fresh and quality food for in and around London.

Now we're going to show you some fresh and appetizing sandwiches. So now I'm going to show you how to make a tuna sandwich. So first of all, two slices of bread unsalted butter softened in a microwave you could also use softened spread butter from any supermarket, place it on both sides of the bread and then take the tuna, this is tuna in brine, you could also get tuna in oil but if you mix it with mayonnaise the brines the best because mayonnaise is an oil based product.

Place it on one side of the bread evenly. For this sandwich I'm going to use lettuce and cucumber but you can also use peppers, sweet corn or any other vegetable. Take the other buttered slice of bread, place it on top, get yourself a plate, cut from corner to corner and again the other way, and place it on the plate.

And that's how you make a tuna, cucumber and lettuce sandwich.