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How To Make A USB Mini Fridge

How To Make A USB Mini Fridge

With a little looking, you can find exactly what you need to make a very "cool" USB powered Mini Fridge, perfect for keeping your drinks cool while gaming or at the office.

Step 1: Camper Cooler

I picked up this 12 volt camper cooler at a Thrift Store for $2.50, and why? Because inside it's a very cool device. The small square you see there in the center of the heat sink is a peltier unit, and it has some very unique properties.

Step 2: Special Substrate

These devices are used for all sorts of applications because there is a special substrate in between. If you apply an electrical charge one side it gets very hot and the other side gets very, very cold.

Step 3: USB Cable

Here's what I did with mine. I cleaned up the heat sinks and reattached them to the peltier unit. I then attached the power leads from a USB cable to draw power from the USB port. All I needed now was some foam board and some spare parts, and I made my own USB mini cooler.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a real cooler unless it had its own light that came on when you opened the door. I used a lead switch and a wide LED.

Step 4: Cool Drinks

Now, I can keep my drinks nice and cool while gaming or surfing the net. This also works great for the new gaming systems as well.

And, of course, you can customize it with graphics from your favorite game or your favorite website.