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How To Make A Volcano For School

How To Make A Volcano For School

Dr. Garret Francis from Working Science shows you how to make an awesome paper volcano that actually erupts using the chemical reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!

Today, we're going to make a volcano out of some very simple things, and it's going to erupt, and it's going to have lava coming out the outsides, and it's going to look great. It's a very simple craft activity that you can make with children. And then, you need some chemicals, you need some vinegar - simple to get hold of - and you need some bicarbonate of soda, also quite simple to get hold of, and some washing up liquid, and some food coloring.

So, we're going to make our volcano out of just some craft material. So, we've just got some paper, colored paper is always the best because it looks lovely, and a plastic bottle, like this, that we're going to put the materials in. So, we just need a bit of cello tape.

Cello tape, some bits of colored paper around the bottle and onto the paper like that, and one like that, and then just do them all the way around. And obviously, you can use different colors. The more colors you use, the nicer it looks.

And you just want it to look like a volcano, really. So, keep adding bits like that, and like that. Use a few different colors.

I've got one that I made earlier, like this, and you can see it's got the bottle, plastic bottle, in the middle, and the plastic bottle is going to have the chemicals inside it, so that it contains them inside so it doesn't get all over your house and make a mess. So, what we're going to use is we're going to have some vinegar and some bicarbonate of soda. Now, these two materials, they form a chemical reaction together and give off a gas called carbon dioxide.

So that's quite simple. So, all I'm going to do is I'm going to put a few centimeters, in the bottom, of vinegar. So I'll show you on here.

A few centimeters of vinegar, in the bottom of the bottle, and that's fine. Obviously, the more vinegar you put in, the more bicarbonate of soda you put in, the faster the explosion. So, you have to have a little practice to see how fast it's going to be.

You don't want it too fast, but you want it to have a good effect so it looks like it's exploding. So, I've got the vinegar, then before we put the bicarbonate of soda in, because that's when the effect's going to happen, when the chemical reaction will take place, we'll put a few bubbles in of the washing up liquid, because that will make it nice and bubbly, and we'll put some red food coloring in to make red lava. You could have green lava.

Mix, and now, to make the chemical reaction happen, we're just going to add sodium bicarbonate. I'm going to put about five little spoons of sodium bicarbonate in. One, two, the faster you do this, the better, three, four, five.

Now, the chemical reaction has started to happen - give it a little shake. And, in a minute, you should start to see some lava coming out of the top and cascading down the side of the volcano. So, here it comes.

This is great for doing at parties and things like that. I've actually seen someone make a volcano cake before where all of the lava came out. So, here comes the lava, it's going to start coming out.

It's coming down the side. Nice red lava. And that's the chemical reaction between the vinegar and the sodium bicarbonate.

It's forming carbon dioxide and that's forcing the lava and the liquid and the gas, and the bubbles, and stuff like that out of the bottle and making the lava. So that's how you make a volcano. .