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How To Make A Wedding Bouquet

How To Make A Wedding Bouquet

Make A Wedding Bouquet. Florist Trish Haunton demonstrates how to make a bridal bouquet using garden roses and berried ivy. The only other question is 'Who will catch it'?

Step 1: You will need

  • 20 20 stems of garden roses
  • 4 stems of berried ivy
  • a tape measure
  • scissors
  • a vegetable knife
  • 1 metre metre of ribbon
  • 3 pearl headed pins

Step 2: Cut the Ribbon

Measure and cut one meter of ribbon.

Step 3: Berried Ivy

Choose 4 large pieces of berried ivy, breaking off extra sprigs, leaving stems approximately 20cm long from the last leaf to the tip of the stem. Arrange them in your hand so they make a dome shape. This will be the basic shape of the bouquet.

Step 4: Roses

Holding the stems firmly but gently place the flowers in and around the ivy, keeping the dome shape to the bouquet. Break off any leaves that protrude under your hand. Then add roses around the outside of the bunch. The stems should radiate out at the bottom of the bouquet. When all the flowers have been added check the shape.

Step 5: Tie the Ribbon

Wrap the bundle of stems in ribbon starting just above where the hand holds the bouquet. Three quarters of the way along the ribbon, twist the ribbon around twice tightly. Lay the bouquet down and tie a firm double knot. Gather the shorter end and wrap it around the knot. Then wrap the longer end around in the same direction.

Step 6: Pin the Ribbon

Using the three pearl-ended pins push them through the ribbon directly into a stem. Ensure they sit in a nice neat row.

Step 7: Cut the stems

For the ideal length measure one and a half fists below the ribbon, and cut all the stems to the same length. Adjust for the ideal shape.