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How To Make A Wolf Mask

How To Make A Wolf Mask

A fun activity for rainy afternoons and full moons, professional prop and puppet maker Corina Bona shows you how to make your own werewolf mask easily at home. Roar!

You Will Need

  • paper plate
  • paper
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • masking tape
  • string
  • paints


Draw some big, mean eye holes on the underside of the paper plate and cut them out. To make the muzzle, fold a thick sheet of paper in half and cut a semi-circle along one half of the folded side. Open the sheet of paper out. Take both edges and connect them, one of top of the other, with the glue stick. Glue the flap that was left over the top. Make sure everything is well stuck down. Cut some flaps along the back of the muzzle. Fold these out and use them to stick the muzzle on with masking tape. Don't worry about it showing as the paper 'fur' will cover it up later. Once the muzzle is attached, create the teeth but cutting some triangles out of the bottom of the muzzle. Cut the plate away under the muzzle.

To make the wolf's ears, fold another sheet of paper in half and cut out a large pointed shape. Cut some jagged edges into the ear shape to make the wolf seem wilder! Cut a slit up the middle of the ear, fold the two sides over each other to give them a curved shape and connect them with glue. Attach the ears to the plate using glue and masking tape.

To make the fur, fold another sheet of paper in half and cut along the fold to seperate the sheets. Then cut in a zig zag across the two sheets. Don't worry about it looking neat. Attach the fur to the sides of the wolf's face with glue. You can add some masking tape along the inside of the fur strips to ensure they stay in place. Add fur to the rest of face using the extra cut outs. You add as much as you like, depending on how bushy you'd like your werewolf to look. This is also a good way to hide any visible bits of masking tape.

You can paint your mask using poster paints, acrylics or spray paints. You can also add some definition to the teeth and eyes using your black marker pen.

To wear your mask, add some string to the back using a stapler and some masking tape. Staple the string near to the eye holes and tie to fit your head.