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How To Make A Wood Fire

How To Make A Wood Fire

Making fire is one of the most important survival techniques there is. This how-to video will show you how to make your own wood fire.

This is firesteel; it is a blend of loads of different metals and it creates really hot sparks which you can use on dry grass. So I am just going to buff the dry grass up here a little bit. Leave it there.

And I am going to brace this firesteel, this is the striker. I am going to brace this on my foot, hold the firesteel in my hand and pull it away. So, this is the striker which I have lashed into a piece of wood, to make it easier to hold.

And this is the fire rod itself. So I am just going to brace the striker on my foot and I am going to pull the rod away from the striker. There is no point holding the rod there and pushing the striker down into it, because you would just knock the tinder away.

There we go, and that will finally start to take hold of the match wood. Once the match wood starts to take hold, just let it slowly drop onto the burning tinder. And then, you can start to put on the next size up which is the pencil thickness, I guess.

This is why it's a good idea to have all your materials ready and prepared to go. And then, when I am sure it's going, I can start feeding on the next size up. Once you have created your ignition, whether it be through friction or flint or steel or matches, the next steps are generic for all of them, they are common throughout all of them.

So, some of the rules are: You always need to make sure you have got your materials prepared in advance. If it is wet, double up on the materials that I am showing you how to use today. Make sure you have got the landowner's permission before you light the fire.

Make sure it's a nice bare hard earth, hard clay earth and always make sure you extinguish a fire fully before you leave it, never leave fires burning in the wild, and leave them unattended, because they can start forest fires quite easily. .