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How To Make A Wreath Bow

How To Make A Wreath Bow

A master florist takes you step-by-step on the proper way to make a wreath bow. This video demonstrates this in an easy-to-understand kind of way.

How to make a wreath bow. You need approximately 2-3 meters or yards of ribbon. You need a meter per double bow loop, I'd say.

You start off holding it in your - if you are right handed, holding it in your right hand, squeezing, pinching, and you just keep repeating. You turn it around so you use one side of the ribbon all the time front facing, fold it around. It is going to be a double bow, okay, like so.

Turn that one there like that. You can either tie it with another piece of ribbon like that or tie it with a wire. This is easier.

It is going on a wreath. You squeeze it in tight like so and twist it around to the back. You can then, once it's secure, adjust.

So, a lot of ribbons have decoration on one side, so you need to - it is slightly harder - but you need to make sure it's front facing. Wired ribbons - you can get with wires that runs around the outside edge and that is a lot easier. And then, with your wire, you can attach onto your wreath.

Just loop it around a couple of times, tucking in, so it cannot be seen. You can attach the bottom or the top of your wreath, and then you can rearrange. Rearrange your bow.

It's got loops on either side and a tail hanging down. That is it, how to make a wreath bow. .