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How To Make An Air Freshener

How To Make An Air Freshener

Annette Heyward gives a summary of a green solution for making air freshener from everyday household products. The essential concept she describes is using twelve drops of essential oil and mixing them with water into a used spray bottle. When these are shaken, they can be sprayed into an empty room, producing a very lovely aroma.

Now, we're going to show you how to make a homemade air freshener. If you take one of your old plastic bottles; this one used to have a vinegar solution in it. Do remember to take your old label off and put your new label on so that people know what's in here.

But it's a great way of recycling your old spray bottles. What we need to do is to take some of your favorite essential oils, this could be lavender, lemon oil, tea tree oil, whichever oil that you like. You could make a combination of oils.

You could have rosemary and thyme perhaps, something like that; something that's your favorite. What you'll need to do is put some drops of oil in the bottle, just shake that. You'll need about twelve drops in your bottle.

That's already smelling lovely, too bad you haven't got smelly-vision. It does smell lovely. And then what we need to do with that is just top that up with some cold water, a bit like so, pop your spray lid back on.

That will last up to two months if kept under the kitchen sink. All you need to remember to do is to shake it before you use it and spray away. Do remember that when you use your homemade air spray, to make sure that you spray it sensibly.

Don't spray it on your wooden furniture and especially where there are dogs and cats around. Just spray it when the room is empty and it will just leave a lovely smell in the air. So there, a quick recap on how to make your homemade air freshener: you just take twelve drops of oil that could be any combination of oil, lemon, thyme, lavender, whatever's your favorite.

Put twelve drops into a recycled spray bottle, top that up with water, give it a good shake before you spray. And if you keep that under the kitchen sink, that will last you for up to two months. .