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How To Make An Almond Pound Cake

How To Make An Almond Pound Cake

An almond pound cake is very easy to make, and can be taken as a dessert after the main course meals.

Today we are going to be making almond pound cake, our ingredients are 150 grams of soft butter, a 150 grams of caster sugar, a 150 grams of self raising flour, 2 eggs, 40 grams of grounded almonds, a 100 milliliters of milk and a few drops of almond essence. Firstly, in a bowl, we are going to pour in our soft butter and our caster sugar and then we are going to put it in a machine with slow speed with egg beater. And when it starts to mix we are going to add our eggs on at a time.

Now while the egg is incorporating we are going to sieve the flour, I always like to sieve my floor using a drum sieve onto a grease proof piece of paper it stops a lot of mess also is easy to put the flour into the bowl afterwards. And when we have sieved it, we pour our grounded almond on top. And add our second egg and also we can add a couple of drops of almond essence, just be careful not to add too much, it's very strong.

Now let's mix all together, just make sure you scrap off all your mix from the egg beater. And we are going to fold through self raising flour and grounded almond, nice and easy to fall straight into the bowl without any mess. And then fall through the flour into the egg, butter and sugar mixture in large movements scraping on the edge of the bowl, couching through the mix.

And then when that's incorporated start adding the milk a little bit at a time, probably in about four stages. I'm just adding a little bit of milk at a time just so it incorporates into the butter much easier, if you were to put it in all at once you will just find that the milk and butter would just swoop around everywhere and would actually end up taking longer. Now in terms of your cases or what you actually want to cook your almond pound cake in, you can use aligned five inch ten, or maybe even some cup cake cases.

I have chosen to use these little individual panatory cases. I'm going to put my cake butter into a piping bag, you can spill it if you like, or even use an ice cream scoop but I like to use a piping bag just for ease of use push all your cake mix down, snip off the end with a scissors and just discard the end of the piping bag so it doesn't get any cake mix. And then pipe about two thirds of the wiyo into your cases, so I can get one more.

Now I'm going to decorate with a whole almond on each, and then sprinkle with a little bit of caster sugar and they can go in the oven about 160 degrees for 25 minutes. You know when they are cooked because they will be firm sparingly to the touch and also a cocktail stick or a knife will come out clean when inserted. OK.

Now my pound cakes have cooled down, we can give them a little tasting with icing sugar, just out them in a nice cake stand perfect for an afternoon tea. And that's how you make an almond pound cake.