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How To Make An Electromagnet

How To Make An Electromagnet

Dr. Gareth Francis and Science Works show you how to take a battery, some iron nails and garden wire, and have an electromagnetic experiment at home. This electromagnet will pick up all your iron trinkets.

Today, we are going to make an electromagnet. An electromagnet is a material which when you put a current through it, it can act as a magnet and you can turn it into a magnet. Electromagnets need to be made out of steel or iron because magnet fields work through steel and iron.

These are the sort of things you need to make it with; you need crocodile clips, 9 volt battery, steel nails, garden wire that is quite thick and stays in the position you put it in. This is an electromagnet that you can buy, all it is, is some coil of wire around some iron and if you attach it with some crocodile clips to a battery, it will pick up things that are made of iron. An electromagnet isn't magnetic unless you put a current through it.

We can make one ourselves and it will do exactly the same thing. Take our nail and take our wire and coil it around the nail, wind it all the way around as tight as possible, the more turns you get on the nail, the stronger the magnetic field, the closer together the turns, the stronger the magnetic field, and the more current you have in it, so a better battery. A 9 volt battery will give you quite a lot of current, the more current you have, the stronger the magnetic field.

So that's my electromagnet, what I'm going to do now is connect it to my battery and it will turn this nail into a magnet. The current is the interaction between the electric field produced by the current that produces the magnet field. So that goes into there, and that goes into there, the current is now running through the wire which means you can now pick things up with the electromagnet and the stronger the current, the stronger the magnet is, and the more turns you have, it makes the magnet stronger.

This is a very simple electromagnet you can make. If you leave it connected too long, you find that the wire starts to get hot so just be careful. And that's how you make an electromagnet. .