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How To Make An Exfoliating Cleanser

How To Make An Exfoliating Cleanser

Sally explains in detail how one can make one's own exfoliating cleanser at home with a few very easily available ingredients. The cleanser can be made to suit you depending on your skin type and one can even choose a favorite aroma.

Today, I am going to be showing you how to make an exfoliating cleanser. Ingredients we are using are oils and water; if you remember back to your chemistry lessons at school, you probably know that oil and water are immiscible, meaning they do not want to mix together. So, we need a third ingredient to make sure the two types of ingredients mix together and stay together.

And that is where our emulsifying wax comes in. I am starting off by using bottled water and I am just weighing out roughly 60 grams though. And to the bottled water, I am going to add some vegetable glycerin.

Glycerin helps the cleanser glide across your face nicely but it also helps catch moisture and keeps your skin hydrated even when the cleanser has been wiped off. I am putting in 5 grams of glycerin, I just pop that over there but but I will not heat it up as yet. The oils I am using are castor oil and sweet almond oil.

Castor oil is a wonderful oil to use in cleansers; it does not want to sink instead it stays on the surface drawing out dirt and grime from just underneath the level of the skin. It will take with it your make up, your water proof mascara, it is a very, very good cleanser. I am going in at about 13 grams; you could use a more if you want a heavier cleanser or slightly lesser if you want a lighter cleanser.

Then I am going to add 12 grams of sweet almond oil. So I have got random 25 grams of oil and 60 grams of water with our 5 grams of glycerin. This is a wax that is derived from coconut oil and I am popping it into my jug, and I am going to put in 8 or whereabouts grams, if I put in more, my cleanser is thicker, if I put in less, my cleanser will be runnier.

These glass jars are Pyrex glass, meaning that they go directly on to the heat. So, I just turn the heat up and stir until our emulsifying wax is melted. In case your emulsifying wax is melted, now comes the fun part.

We need to combine these two ingredients. So I am going to pour the water into the oil. Now if I just stir, the two ingredients are going to separate and then you can probably just see that oil on top and a watery milky mixture at the bottom.

So just as soon I start stirring, I should prevent that from happening. And so, this is my energy, my agitation that is going in there, I stir and I cool the mixture. And as it cools, it will thicken up.

The cleanser has had time to cool down; I have got this nice thick cream in here now. As a cleanser that could be used on your face, massage it across your make up, across your eye shadow and it would remove the dirt and grime and makeup without having any exfoliating ingredient in. That makes a lovely cleanser as it is.

I am going to make it slightly more special, I am going to add 15 drops of orange; give that a stir. The orange essential oil is very good for normal and dry skin but it is a beautiful uplifting smell. I like to wash my face with that smell.

Now, I am ready to add bamboo powder. I have chosen bamboo powder as my exfoliating ingredient because it is very fine and not too scratchy at all. How much I put in really depends on how exfoliating I want it to be.

But I am just putting in a flat teaspoon, for that size, sprinkle it in, slightly gritty when I stir it now, but that looks good. And now, I am going to place it in the pot. Now, I have not put in a preservative in here so this cleanser is probably only going to last well, a good six to eight weeks.

If I keep it in the fridge, it will probably last a little longer. But I am not. I am going to keep it in my bathroom.

And yeah, we have one jar full of exfoliating cleanser. It is as easy as that to make your own exfoliating cleanser. .