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How To Make An Indian Salsa

How To Make An Indian Salsa

Indian food can be finely and masterly cooked to produce nice flavours and sweet food for any occasion. This is how to make mint and coriander chutney.

Now, I'm going to show you a meat and coriander chutney. It's a fabulous accompaniment to an Indian dinner but also with English food as well, so, rose clam, even rose chicken, making a wonderful hot spicy little chutney goes amazingly well. I always have some in my fridge, so the key ingredients for this dish or accompaniment are fresh coriander, fresh mint, red onion, lovely, some chillies, lemon juice, a bit of salt, a bit of sugar, and I'm also going to use the ingredient called dry pomegranate powder.

Now, if you haven't got dry pomegranate powder, add in a little bit more lemon juice; they are both sours so they are kind of interchangeable but the perm gradient powder is fabulous and you can buy this from Indian supermarkets or Middle Eastern supermarkets, they have perm gradient molasses which work incredibly well, so we're going to start putting the chutney together, we start with some of the coriander. Now, I always leave coriander stocks on, don't waste them, we've got fabulous flavour in coriander stocks, so in goes the coriander and then I'm going to add mint. Now, mint and coriander are quite wonderfully pungent flavours, so just the mint leaves, snort them in stocks, are going in and then, I'm going to add some red onion, nice and fiery and hot red onion, and next, we will add the chillies so I've got two chillies here.

Let me just cut the heads off and I would say to all my students, taste the chilli, see how hot it is because you don't want something so hot that it blows your head off, that's hot. I'm going to put in one chilli in to start off with, but you can always add more, my pomegranate powder is going in, my salt and sugar are going in, just a little bit of sweet and salty. If I taste sensations, all my food is about five taste sensations and lastly, a squeeze of lemon juice will go in here as well.

In goes the lemon juice, you can smell it, it's delicious. Now, we put the lid on, turn it on and have a quick look and smell and taste, see what we have got on. I always like to taste it midway just to see if we get a just taste of flavouring.

That's great! I'll give it more salt, so we're going to finish that off and graze it down a bit more, very nice, beautiful, aromatic, but it's a little bit thick. Use a drizzle of water to thin it down. Now, this, we keep in the fridge for a week and is a wonderful accompaniment to curries, both meats, smear onto some fish, really delicious and it's a bit like the salsa, actually.

So, there we have some mint and coriander chutney with some pomegranate powder in it. .