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How To Make An Orchid Arrangement

How To Make An Orchid Arrangement

As if orchids aren't distinctive enough, here's how to make an exciting and one-of-a-kind orchid arrangement with just aspidistra leaves and cymbidium orchids. It's very easy, too.

For this design, I'm using orchids. It can be used on a table or on a sideboard. It leaves a nice look down into it.

I've used a low glass bowl, a piece of foam in the center and I've got 5 or 6 aspidistra leaves which I'm going to manipulate and use them to thread the orchids through the leaves into the foam. I'm going to take the back of the aspidistra leaf, take it towards me, take down the tip and take the stalk over and down to the leaf and then place that into the foam. I've prepared a few already and I'm just going to quickly place this to cover the foam.

That's why you don't want too large a piece in your container. So very quickly and very easily, take like that and I thought I would just use a couple of variegated leaves to add a little bit of excitement and interest. So there, place that in.

I didn't want all variegated leaves because they're a little bit too dominant and then I take this other one here, put those out and just tuck that in behind. Now, that is a basis. Just make sure the foam is covered.

But you can now add any flower. I've got the orchids and I placed the heads into a little tube which have come at the bottom of the orchid stem. So, collect these if you buy orchids, collect these little tubes or you can buy them from a florist and then put the heads in and you could tuck the orchid into the design.

And because it's got its own water supply, it means it will last and last and you've got something that can be enjoyed for weeks at a time and making the most of a stem of cymbidium orchid which is not quite as expensive as you might fear, and then we can use that folded-out leaf to place the orchid into so you've got hidden little flowers within your design and a table centrepiece is being created with simply 5 heads of cymbidium that's about a third of a stem. So, enjoy your orchids. .