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How To Make An Origami Cube

How To Make An Origami Cube

How to make an origami cube: This video explains to you how to make an origami cube using 6 folded business cards with each card's flap supporting the other.

My name is Origami Mark and you can contact me on my website, which is origamimark.co.uk.

What I am going to do now is show you how to make an origami cube but I am not going to use origami paper, I am going to use business cards. These are business cards that we got from our recent office move. To make a basic cube, you are going to need six of these business cards and you can make a stronger one which will all touch on the end, which will take twelve business cards.

To start off with, we take the first business cards inside which phases won't be outside. Place two business cards inside phase to inside phase so the form of cross, and then fold the sticky outfit over. Do the same with the other one.

And then repeat that process. So that is over to six increased business cards, all exactly the same. And we take the first two, we place them together with one of the little flaps on the outside.

Take another one, keep the little flap underneath, to make up the bottom. Each of the little flaps are supporting the big flaps all the way round.