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How To Make An Origami Rose

How To Make An Origami Rose

How to make an origami rose: This VideoJug film teaches you how to make a lovely origami rose from a simple square piece of paper. Learn this art and get creative.

My name is Origami Mark. You can contact me on my website which is OrigamiMark.co.

uk This is how you make an origami rose. I'm starting off with a square of paper. One side is red and the other side is yellow, but it doesn't really matter.

You can use whatever color you like. You start out by folding the paper in half, along the edges. Nice and crisp.

Fold it again in half. And now, we are going to have what is called a rat fold, which is a roundabout there fold, which is a fold of your choice. I usually choose about an inch from the top, I fold the paper down and again, make a crease.

This corner we just made, we fold back on itself. Another very firm crease needs to be made through all the layers of the paper. Once you've done that, open the whole model up.

And you open it up and find that you've got three mountain folds to the center and one valley fold to the center. Make that valley fold into a mountain fold and into a crease, and what you can do then is push the center square in, so it collapses on itself. So you've got two big flaps with raw edges and 2 little flaps without raw edges.

Now, open the whole thing up so that it lies flat. Now, so making creases, so what we have done now is put a twist in the paper and at the top here, the top being the right side where we find we have a little square. Turn the model over and we got four small flaps around the model.

We take each of those and fold them up to the next each long edge, and make a crease underneath so we have a crease that goes diagonally across each one of these little squares. And what this will do is put another twist in the paper, flatten out and do some rounding on the inside so that we reinforce these creases we've been making. We form a cylinder with our little square we made in the beginning at the bottom.

So we've got a little cup and it has four raw points and each of these raw points, we fold. One of those raw folds, we fold inwards like that and we go to the one opposite it. The one opposite it, and we pull that inwards as well.

After doing that, we then fold this other raw edge over the creases that are already in there and this forms a triangle. Do the same with the other remaining edge and you have 2 triangles. One there and one there.

What you do with these is fold them down. Now then, using little twist folds, and this makes them a little thinner and now the other one. What we do then is fold those two points back on themselves and then back on themselves again forming a little concertina and the same for the other side, a little concertina.

So we then turn our attention to the other end of the rose, the business end, the end that people will see. For this, we fold the petals outwards. Try not to tear the paper, you will find that if you fold the paper too vigorously, it will tear along this raw edge, so be quite gentle with it, and on the other end, you can be not so severe.

And the most fun part of it all, is you put your finger in the middle there and squash it down, round it all off, and it becomes, the yellow rose. .