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How To Make Avocado Salsa

How To Make Avocado Salsa

Learn how to make your very own perfect avocado salsa that will serve as the perfect snack for any time of the day! This video will help you out.

I'm going to show you how to make an avocado salsa, the ideal complement to, say, a fajita. The first thing we are going to add is a diced avocado. So, in that goes.

Try to make sure when you buy them, they are as soft as possible. So, feel them and if they got a lot of give on them, then you know they are going to work for this. I got the skinned and deseeded tomato known in the trade as concasse.

So, that goes in. Some diced green chilli, deseeded. Some diced red onion.

So, that can go in as well. And then finally, some lime juice, going to give that a little bit of a mix up. I'm just going to add two additional ingredients.

A little bit of black pepper more for a cover and the fact that I love black pepper and I'm going to add a dash of good extra virgin olive oil. That also does to an extent help bind it together. I'm just going to spoon it all into a ramekin.

There we go. Let us just give it a bit of height. Whenever you cook, whenever you present food, the higher you present it, the more passion it conveys.

And there you have the perfect avocado salsa. .