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How To Make Bath Salts

How To Make Bath Salts

This video is all about how to make natural bath salt. Many people use it in their daily lives. So, here is a simple and easy procedure to make it, using rose fragrance.

We have lots of lovely ingredients here, and I am going to show you how to make bath salts. The salt I am using is coarse sea salt which I would be putting to a grinder in order to make it slightly finer to put on your food. Well, it's the time to get into a bowl.

Well, there are many different types of salts available. You could use dead sea salt. I am going to put round about 400 grams in here because I want to fill my jar and salt is quite heavy, so 400 might sound a lot but actually, it's not 420.

Now, we have a problem if we want to use the salt with a smell and I got some rose fragrance oil here. Because if I put the fragrance oil straight into my salt, the salt will work hard to deodorize it because salt is a natural deodorizer. So, I am going to show you a nifty little trick.

I have a little bowl here containing something called tapioca starch, and tapioca starch will hold on to my smell. So if I pour my rose oil into my tapioca starch and then give it a good stir around, that will save the salt from trying to deodorize my rose oil. So, now, I am going to add this to my salt and stir it well so it mingles in between all these lovely crystals of salt.

And the smell is lovely, the rose fragrance oil is one of my favorite smells. There we are, you coordinated the tapioca starch, you will be able to notice the smell for lot longer than you would than if I haven't used the tapioca starch. And that's fine, that would make a nice bath salt but what I am going to do is I am going to make it slightly more special.

And I am going to put some rose petals in there. I have got some dry rose petals and I am just going to sprinkle on my salt, stir it around. I think that's plenty and now, the fun part is to getting it into the container.

Now, salt is a natural preservative so this product has very long shelf life. And to use it, I would run your bath and actually I will climb into the bath and sprinkle the salt on top. You put the salt in first and then sit down, you might find it a little crunchy and perhaps not very comfortable.

Beautiful! And that's how to make a natural bath salt. .