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How To Make BBQ Brisket

How To Make BBQ Brisket

Tired of asking "Burger or hot dog?" when you're manning the grill? Spice things up with some mouth-watering brisket, courtesy of Rock and Roll BBQ's Travis Randall.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • 1 Glass Bowl
  • 1 Wire Whisk

Step 2: Cut the Fat, Score, and Rub

The first thing we want to do is trim off any unnecessary chucks of fat from the top of the brisket. We want the fat on the bottom of the brisket.

Now what we are going to do is score the brisket. This will help to give the brisket extra surface area to hold our rub.

Step 3: Rub The Meat

Now go ahead and work the rub into the brisket. Be sure to push it into the slices you made earlier. The sugars you added to this rub earlier are going to help give this brisket a nice crust. The crust is the crunchy outside that forms during smoking and it is delicious!

Step 4: Foil It!

Now it's time to foil up our brisket so we can put it in the fridge for 24 hours. We want all the flavors to have time to suck themselves into the brisket.

Step 5: Smoke Time

It has been in the refrigerator all night letting the rub work its way in and its ready for the smoker.

Place it into the center of the smoker with its thickest part closest to the heat source. Be sure to have the fat side up.

Step 6: Jump Ahead 12 Hours…

Alright, your little pride and joy has been on the smoker for about 12 hours and it's ready to eat. You could cut this with your finger. It's filled with smoke flavoring and it's ready to go.

Step 7: Slice It Up

So now you can remove the layer of fat. Some people leave it on and cut it with it on there. Take that fat and put it in your bowl to be discarded.

You can see the grain of the meat. You want cutting across the grain and that will make it tender and easy to eat.

You should be able to grab any piece of this brisket and just pull it apart effortlessly.