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How To Make Beaded Charms

How To Make Beaded Charms

Christmas is on the horizon. Want to learn how to make a touching and personal gift with the use of your own skill? The method of making a beaded charm bracelet is just a click away, with this insightful and thorough video into the mechanics of beaded charm jewellery making.

In this video, I am going to show you how to make beaded charms. To begin with, you will need a set of pliers, square nose pliers which are also called flat nose pliers, side cutters for cutting your head pins, round nose pliers and needle nose pliers which are also called the chain nose pliers. You will also need some jump rings, these little links.

I have oval ones. You can also get them in round, head pins and some beads. I am using semi-precious stones in a variety of colors and sizes.

The first step is take your head pin and thread in one of the beads. You will now need the round nose pliers. Position the bead in the head pin in between the nose of your pliers.

If you have a pliers straight, sitting in your hand looking straight out in front of you, you should have your bead on the right hand side. It makes it a little bit easier to start off. The first step is you press the wire underneath your pliers.

Now, I am going to change hands so that I am using my right hand to actually wrap the wire around the top of the bead. I am going to use the needle nose pliers to hold this bead tightly and making a spiral above the bead, so going very slowly, each spiral you make, try and make it so that it's tight above the one that you've made previously and you might find that your wire, the end of your wire, will get a little bit mangled up. You can straighten that out with your pliers.

This technique will take quite a bit of practice. I've reached the end of the bead. I am going to use the side cutters to trim away the extra wire.

Try to have the blade pointing towards the bead so that you can cut away as much of the wires as possible. I'm now going to use the needle nose pliers to tuck in the end of the wire and use the round nose pliers to straighten out the loop. I put the pliers inside the loop and straighten out the flat nose pliers to tidy it up, and you can make several of these and attach them to your necklace.

And that's how you make a beaded charm. .