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How To Make Beaded Headbands

How To Make Beaded Headbands

Jessica Rose of the London Jewellery School shows you how to make a pretty and elegant beaded headband.

You Will Need

  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • side cutters
  • reel of 0.4 mm silver plated wire
  • 40 cm of 1.2mm silver plated wire
  • selection of beads and crystals


Take approxiamately 40 cm of the 1.2 mm silver plated wire. You can measure the wire to fit your head, but make sure you add on 5 cm extra. Take the round nose pliers at, at around 2.5 cm from the end, curl the wire around the pliers. Repeat on the other side. Take the chain nose pliers and, on each side, flick the end of the wire towards the middle. Take around 40 cm of the o.4 mm wire and place it along the length of the outer wire and wrap it over the loops on the ends of the headband. Cut off the excess and flatten the ends with the chain nose pliers.

Thread a bead on to the length of o.4 mm wire and wrap it twice around the headband so it sits on the top. Repeat this across the whole band. Loop and secure the ends.