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How To Make Beaded Rings

How To Make Beaded Rings

How To Make Beaded Rings: The beaded rings are one of the most attractive kinds of rings that are in great demand and are also in fashion these days. This six-minute tutorial will enable you to efficiently learn how to make attractive beaded rings in a simple way.

Hi, I am Jessica from London Jewellery School and today, I am going to show you how to make some jewellery. This is how you make a beaded ring. These are the products you would need, a ring mandrill, a pencil, a ring that fits you, some chain nose-pliers, cutters, 0.

4 millimetre silver wire, 0.8 millimetre silver wire and also, you will need a selection of crystals and pearls that you want to put on your ring. So to start with, you can take your ring mandrill, take a ring that fits you nice and comfortably.

Make sure that it's a nice fit and put it down, your ring mandrill, and draw a line at the bottom with your pencil. Now you have a guide to make sure that your ring is going to fit. Make sure you are going to take your 0.

8 millimetre silver wire and cut off around 50 centimetres with your side cutters. This 0.8 millimetre wire is what you are going to use to make the base of your ring.

Take your mandrill and place the wire across where you have made the pencil mark before with the little piece till here at one end and the long piece on the other end. We will then go to wrap the wire around the mandrill base about three or four times being careful not to let go off your wire. Once you have finished, you can pull it off the mandrill and check that it fits.

Now your ring should be a little bit too big for you at this stage because once we put the crystals on, it is going to get smaller. So is it, isn't just let go a little bit and it would give a bit of a bigger effect. You are going to take the smaller side of the wire and wrap it around the base three times.

Then with the other side of the wire, you are going to go approximately the similar way around the ring and do the same. The distance between these two wire wraps is going to be in front of your ring. Now using your side cutters, you are going to cut off any excess wire and using your chain nose-pliers where you have just cut the wires where it is sharp, you are just going to push it into the base.

There you have the base of your ring. Next, you are going to take your 0.4 millimetre silver wire and we want a long piece of this, at least a metre long, cut it with your side cutters.

We now are going to attach the 0.4 millimetre wire to the base of the ring. To do this, we are going to wrap it around the base at one of the sides where we have already wrapped the ring.

Take one end of the wire, thread it through and wrap it over about five to six times. When you come to the end of the wire with your chain nose-pliers, dispose that sharper end. Now that we have attached the 0.

4 millimetre wire, we are ready to start adding our beads. Going thread them on two a time, move them down the wire. Move them across the front of your base and hold them in a place where you have wrapped the wire around the base two times.

The main thing to remember when you are wrapping your beads is to make sure that none of them go on the inside that's where your fingers are going to be. Next, I am going to put two more beads on and hold them in a place where you have wrapped the wire over the base two times. You are going to complete this process a number of times until you have the look of the ring.

Once you have got lots of beads on, like I have got on hand now which you can see and you want to finish off the ring, you can now take the wire to one side of the ring and wrap it over about three or four times to secure the end and finally, you are going to cut it with the side cutters and squash the sharp ends in with the chain nose-pliers on the outside of the ring and I hope you have finished your octal ring. There are few more examples of different colours and different pieces that you can make.