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How To Make Beetroot And Lentil Salad

How To Make Beetroot And Lentil Salad

This Videojug film is designed to show you how to make beetroot and lentil salad. This is a quick guide for people who wants to know how to make a salad using simple ingredients.

I am going to show you how to roast a beetroot. I have got a nice big round fresh beetroot here and for this recipe, I am going to peel it and then, I am going to chop it but one thing I can say about beetroot is that when you peel it and chop it, everything goes purple, your board goes purple and your hands get purple. I am going to roast the beetroot and I am going to drizzle all of it with olive oil with shallots and garlic and fresh thyme.

The garlic, I am going to put in whole, and I am going to quarter the shallots. Pop it into a hot oven, again about 200 degrees. I have just taken the beetroot out of the oven, it's looking lovely and roasted, and the onion is as you can see, it's a bit brown, and the thyme is brown, that's just how I wanted.

I am now going to take out the thyme, then I am going to mix my roast beetroot with some cooked lentils. I am now going to make a dressing to go with roasted beetroot and lentil salad. I am going to use balsamic vinegar, a lovely rich balsamic vinegar.

So, I am just going to add that to my bowl, so a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, and then, to that, I am going to add three tablespoons of extra version olive oil. A little pinch of salt, some black pepper, a little bit of fresh parsley and then, I am just going to whisk it all up until that I am going to add my beetroot and my lentil. So, here is my beetroot with the roasted shallots and garlic like there was into the dressing, a good stir, and then, I am going to add my lentils and stir it all together, quicker salad is much better to make it when you got the lentils warm and the roasted beetroot warm as well, and then you find that it will really absorb the dressing.

So, that's already served, I am going to serve it today on some lamb lettuce.