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How To Make Bhel Puri

How To Make Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri is one variety of Indian “street food” known as “Chaat”. With a nice balance of flavors, including savory, sweet and spicy, Bhel Puri is a perfect snack or appetizer idea. Try this recipe — it’s sure to please!

Step 1: Mix The Bhel With The Tomatoes

Time to put the Bhel Mix together. So now we take on a bhel mix and add tomatoes and stir.

Step 2: Add The Ingredients

Now add the Onion, Cilantro, green chillies and the raw mango.

And this is an optional step because sometimes mangoes are in season and sometimes they are not. So, if there is in season it really adds a lot of flavor.

Step 3: Add Spices

Mix nicely.
we are actually using store bought bhel mix it does not need any more spices, but again it’s your taste if you feel like you want to add some more go ahead.

Step 4: Add The Chutney

When the bhel is mixed nicely, the last step is to add the chutneys.
Start with your mint chutney.
You pour all the chutneys in last, because you don’t want the mixture to get soggy, and this has to be served and eaten immediately.
Here is our tamarind chutney.
You can hear the sizzle.
And if you need recipes for either of these chutneys you can find it on our website.
You just want to coat the mixture, but not have it dripping in chutney.

Step 5: Serve

Now it is perfect and it is ready to serve. And our bhel is ready to eat.
So join us again on another episode on showmethecurry.com - adding a pinch of spice to your life!

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