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How To Make Blue Fondant

How To Make Blue Fondant

The Gourmet Cupcake Company has won many awards for their cupcakes. In this video from VideoJug, they show how to make different shades and colorings of fondant, as well as tips on working with fondant.

Hi, I'm Eloise from The Gourmet Cupcake Company in Chelmsford in Essex. I'm going to show you some handy how-to's on icing and decorating cupcakes. For more decorating ideas or to find out more about our baking and decorating classes, please visit www.


So now, I'm going to show you how to make blue fondant. Am I going straight into this? Okay. Sorry, can I go again then? So now I'm going to show you how to make blue fondant.

So the first thing we need, is fondant icing. If you chop off as much as you need to dye blue for whatever it is that you're making. And, I'm going to make two shades of blue today.

The first one is a bright, light blue, and I'm using professional paste colorings. It's really important that you use these colorings for something like fondant, because if you use a liquid coloring, you need to add more of it to achieve a particular color. And when you add lots of liquid to something like fondant, it goes really sticky and makes it very difficult to work with.

So, if you do work with paste colorings, you'll find that it's a lot easier. So, you just take a little bit out of the pot, put some on there, and then mix it in. So you can see how strong these are because you need just the tiniest bit to make a really vibrant, electric, kind of blue color like this.

And it hasn't changed the consistency too much of what we're working with. So if you wanted an even brighter blue than that, all you do is just add more until you've got the color that you want. I'm going to put some gloves on.

So if you're mixing really lots of coloring, or really vibrant or dark blue, you can wear gloves just so that your hands don't get dyed. So I'm going to show you a navy blue coloring now. So just take a bit more fondant.

So this is a very different shade of blue to the other one that we were using. So I'm just going to put some navy on now. Same thing, mixing it again.

So you can see the shade is totally different, it's a lot darker, more of a gray kind of blue. So depending on what you're making, have a look around and see what different kinds of shades you can get. Same principle again, just add a little bit more.

And then the darker it gets. And there we have it, two different shades of blue. So that's how you make blue fondant. .