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How To Make Blue Slime

How To Make Blue Slime

Interested in creating your own homemade blue slime? Watch as this video tutorial shows you the easy way to make your own using simple ingredients!

Right, now I'm going to show you how to make blue slime. What you'll need is some blue food coloring. Any food coloring will do.

I just got that from a supermarket. You're going to need equal parts of water and of PVA glue, the sort of glue children use at school. You'll need something to stir it with.

I'm using a lolly stick here and you're going to need some borax. Borax powder is available from chemists. I'm going to mix it with water, and here is my bottle of borax solution.

So, it's very very simple. First of all, what we need to do, we need to add the water to the PVA. We're just going to give that a good stir.

Make sure it's all equally mixed through. Now we're going to add a little bit of the blue food coloring. Obviously, the more food coloring you add, the bluer the effect.

We'll go with a nice dark blue for this one. So as we start to mix it through, you can see the color that we're going to end up with. Because of the whiteness of the PVA glue though, remember that you do need to add quite a lot to get the darker colors.

So, that's nicely mixed. Now, all we have to do we take our borax solution, pour some in, we start to give that a stir, and also you can see immediately before I've even stirred, we're starting to make that. We just mix that nicely.

Now, if you do need to make it a bit thicker, you can add more borax. I'll just put a little bit more in here. You can see that's starting to really go.

Now, you'll know when it's ready after a few minutes because all of this liquid that you can currently see will have been absorbed into the slime itself. All of the polymers in the PVA glue have been bound together by the borax. The borax is a binding agent.

So we've been stirring for a couple of minutes now, as you can see, all of that liquid has been absorbed and we're left with a lovely big lump of slime. You can also see when I touch here, it's not sticking to me anymore. You can see we have a beautiful slimy massive chain of polymers all joined together here.

If you're very very gentle, you'll be able to get it to a few feet across sometimes. So, here we are, blue slime. .