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How To Make Body Butter

How To Make Body Butter

Pamper yourself with home-made mango and shea body butter! Watch Sally of Plush Folly as she shows you how to use simple ingredients to make your own preservative-free body butter in the comfort of your kitchen.

Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make body butter. The butters, the natural butters I'm using are shea butter and mango butter, both very moisturizing. Now, whilst I could rub those directly onto my body, it would be too greasy and I want something slightly lighter, so I'm going to be mixing my butters with some water.

Now, we all know that butters and water aren't going to mix together very easily, so there is another ingredient called emulsifying wax which is going to allow the waters and the butters to bind together and hold together like a beautiful, thick cream. The key thing is to get them heated. So let's put them into our containers and get them on the hob.

I am going to use twice as much water as I am using butter, so it's a very easy recipe. I am going to use 50 grams of butter and a hundred grams of water. I need to weigh out my water so I can be accurate.

So, a hundred grams of water which is also equal to a hundred mils of water. But it's much easier to weigh it than it is to use the scale up the side of these little jars. Now, I am going to add some glycerin to the water.

The glycerin is like an extra moisturizing boost. When the body butter is on my body, the glycerin will drool moisture and lock it onto my skin, making it keep me moist during the day. I'm just going to put in ten grams.

You don't need an awful lot. We'll pop that onto the heat to start warming while we weigh out the butters. The butters are going to go in the smaller version of the beaker.

I need fifty grams in total and I can decide whether I want to do 25 of each, 30-20 or just see what I put in the scales here, sixteen, okay. What if I pop a little bit more butter in, I think. So that's 21 of shea butter.

So, I need 29 of mango butter. I'm going to put 30 in. You don't have to be absolutely accurate.

You can see it's a different texture, a lot more crumbly, so I am looking for 50 in total. To allow my 50 grams of butter and my 100 grams of water to combine together and stay together, I'm going to pop in 15 grams of my emulsifying wax. The emulsifying wax will also thicken, so 15 grams will give me a nice thick, body butter.

Fifteen! And we just leave that little mixture to melt. So, our butters and our wax have melted and our water is warmed through, so now we're going to combine the two. And I am very carefully going to pour the oil into the water and you can see it goes milky.

And we know that water and oils don't want to necessarily work together. And if I didn't stir that, the two would split and possibly, if you look carefully, you can see there is a line now. So you have got the oil at the top and a kind of watery mixture at the bottom.

So I need to make sure I keep stirring that for at least the next two minutes just to allow the water and the oils to come together and stay together. So, I have stirred it. I don't believe it's going to split any more but it's still very runny.

We want it to thicken up. As it cools, it will thicken so I'm just going to put that to one side and allow it to cool and thicken. My body butter is looking lovely and thick.

It will still get a little bit thicker than that but I think we're ready now to put some scent into it, to fragrance it and then get it into the jar. The fragrance I have decided on is Neroli which is orange blossom, and I need about 30 drops in my body butter. So, let's just count them in.

Just give that a stir so that it's fully mixed into our body butter. Now, I haven't put any preservative in this and it has got water, so ideally I need to use it up within the next three or four weeks. But by the time I have spread it on my legs and my arms, I think I will easily use it within three or four weeks. Put it into my jar, looks good enough to eat, chef's perks! Feels lovely! Feels very moisturizing and smells beautiful! And that is how you make a lovely body butter! .