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How To Make Bows Out Of Ribbon

How To Make Bows Out Of Ribbon

How to make bows out of ribbon. In this short VideoJug tutorial, learn how to gift-wrap and make a gorgeous bow out of ribbons. Add a beautiful professional touch to your gift, by following these easy steps.

Hi, I am Elva from Wrapology. Today, I am going to give you some tips on gift wrapping. I am going to show you how to make a perfect floppy bow.

What we need for this is a ribbon, scissors, wide ribbon and skinny ribbon. What we need to do: we need to make loops. Normally, we make five loops on a single one.

The size of around eight fingers. Cut it off. Hold in the middle.

And we cut a triangle. And now this side as well, you need to leave around 2 millimeters in the middle so we can tie the skinny ribbon. Take the skinny ribbon and tie it in the middle.

And then we are going to make three of these units. Now I have my three units, now I have to tie the second one. When you tie the second one, you have to make like a cross.

And now we tie the third one. Like a cross as well. So when you open the bow, it will be really floppy.

Tie it, turn it back, and now it is time for you to open your floppy bow. Just pull all the loops out and try to twist it when you open it. There you are, this is your perfect floppy bow!.