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How To Make Bun Twist Hairstyles

How To Make Bun Twist Hairstyles

The basis of a bun twist hairstyle is a ponytail. However loose or tight you want your ponytail to be, you can do a polished bun twist by following the steps in this hairstyling video.

I'm going to show you how to do a bun twist hairstyle. I'm going to take this hairstyle a little bit higher up to the crown area. I'm just going to keep brushing the hair until I've got what I wanted to the ponytail.

In this case, we have a slight fringe so we're going to leave that out. I'm going to incorporate a little side parting in that area there. Your ponytail can be as loose or as tight as you want.

If you want it really tight, I suggest using a comb in the end with a bit of hairspray, a bit of pomade, just to keep it really tight in there. But today, we're going to keep it more of a looser lock. I'm going to use a hair tie with two hooks on the end and just spin that around the ponytail and then secure the other side into that area and now, that's not going anywhere in that ponytail.

What I'm going to do is get the brush again, smoothen on your hair, I'm going to use a little bit of serum to make this a bit more polished and shiny. Grab the whole ponytail and just roll it around and what you want to do is not see your hair tight, so we need to cover that up. And if you're spinning your ponytail around, you're going to just grip these areas into your ponytail down into the scalp area.

Making sure you get in your clip from the ponytail, you take that little corner, take a piece of hair from the ponytail and just slide that underneath, through there, and the last area here is we're going to tuck the end under because we don't want the ends hanging out and then you just slide the grip into this area here. There you have a bun twist hairstyle.