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How To Make Butter Bean Prawn Scampi

How To Make Butter Bean Prawn Scampi

Learn how to make butter bean prawn scampi with VideoJug's help. Presented by foodwishes.blogspot.com, this recipe makes a truly enjoyable meal for all to enjoy.

How To Make Butter Bean Prawn ScampiAlright, today we are doing butter beand and prawn scampi. I love this combination.Please go to FoodWishes.com if you want all the ingrediants and the story and the details and some jokes and some other free giveaways. Well, there is no free giveaways.But, anyway, go to the website and you'll know what we put into here.

It's a pound of peeled, deveined shrimp. A jar of butter beans. I love butter beans. You don't use them a lot, but we are going to use them today. We have some Spanish paprika, it's the sweek kind, not the hot kind. I have half a lemon. I'm going to juice that. A couple tablespoons of olive oil, a couple tablespoons of butter, unsalted, as usual. Some chopped parsley, it's about half a bunch, I don't know about a third of a cup. We have some garlic there, a couple of cloves of that.

And, let's get going, but first I want to make a point here. You have to have really dry shrimp. When you thaw your shrimp, they are usually they are really wet and coated with water and people try to fry these wet shrimp. You know what you get? Boiled shrimp. We don't want boiled shrimp. We want seared shrimp, so make sure you dry them off with a paper towel really well.

I'm going to pour half the olive oil over and I'm going to add about half a teaspoon of my delicious imported Spanish paprika. Do not buy the cheap, brown, giant, four pound jug of paprika you get from the mega-store. Go to the spice store. Alright, so toss that together, the olive oil, the shrimp and the paprika. The paprika gives it a really really nice color when we sear it. And a really nice little hint of a sweet flavor. So there we go. Our shrimp are prepped.

We are going to put a pan, non-stick, just a regular stainless steel pan, on high. Now I'm not going to put this lemon juice in the pan, I'm just going to show you, squeeze your lemon ahead of time. It's about 2 tablespoons and you are going to add about 2 tablespoons of water to it.So just save that for later. But do that ahead of time because by the time you try to grab your lemon and try to squeeze it, it is too late.

Into the incredibly hot pan, that has been on high for about 5 minutes, I'm going to put my tablespoon of olive oil that I had left over and my pound of shrimp. Now, for a pan that size, which I think is a 12-inch pan, a pound of shrimp is just about going to fit. If you have a small pan or lots of shrimp, you have to do batches.

So there we go. We are going to sear these and I'm not going to do any cut aways, this is all going to be real time here. We are going to sear these on high for about 30-40 seconds, and I want to get a nice, beautiful rust color on those. So, I'm just going to let them sit. I'm going to make you watch shrimp in a pan for a few seconds. See that? Shrimp, alright.

Then, after about 30-40 seconds, give them a little mix. Now, I did the fancy, chef flip it thing just to annoy people that can't do that. You just use your tongs or spatula and move things around. It's not a big deal. Am I better because I can flip it? Yes. Alrigh, but you don't have to.

Now, to that you are going to add your chunk of butter, a couple tablespoons, right in the middle. Make sure it is touching the pan. Then your garlic. Now, the pan is on high, it is very hot. There is a chance the garlic could burn, so that is why I'm going to put it next to the cold butter. See, that kind of cools things down. You are going to give that a swirl, and we are going to give that a nice little mix, then we are going to add the rest of our ingrediants. We are going to be done in seconds.

This is such a fast, easy, easy dish. Pefect, you come home, you're tired, you don't want the kids to wait on something that is going to take an hour. This is just a great, great dish. Alright. So, the butter melted, the garlic is starting to sizzle, we are going to add our one jar of butter beans and our lemon and wa