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How To Make Butterfly Cakes

How To Make Butterfly Cakes

Justine Forrest shows you how to make butterfly cakes. Buttery, rich, vanilla-infused cakes served with a dollop of whipped cream, jam and topped with fresh strawberries. What more could you need?


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  • 110 g self raising flour
  • 110 g butter/margarine
  • 110 g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • vanilla extract
  • jam
  • whipped double cream
  • fresh cream
  • strawberries
  • icing sugar

Step 1: Mix the Butter and Sugar

Take a mixing bowl, add 114g butter and 114g caster sugar. Mix together until the butter is light, fluffy and pale. Add the vanilla extract.

Step 2: Add the Eggs and Flour

Take a separate bowl and crack in four eggs. Beat the eggs. Add half to the butter mixture, stir and add the other half. Sieve and add 2 tbsp of flour, fold it in to the mix, then add the rest of the flour and mix.

Step 3: Bake the Cakes

Take a prepared tin that contains paper cases for the butterfly cakes. Fill the paper cases evenly with the cake mix. Add to the oven at 180C for 18-20 minutes.

Step 4: Butterfly the Cakes

Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Take a bowl, add the double cream and whip it. When cakes have cooled, cut a circle into each cake, dig out the centre bit of the cake and place it to the side. Then add 1 tbsp of jam and a dollop of fresh cream into each cake. Cut the piece of cake you removed into two halves and arrange back on the cake. Garnish with some fresh strawberries. Serve.