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How To Make Cafetiere Coffee

How To Make Cafetiere Coffee

Top UK barista Robert Henry shows VideoJug users how to make the perfect cafetiere coffee using a domestic machine. Follow these VideoJug instructions for the perfect cup of cafetiere coffee.

Step 1: You will need

  • A cafetiere
  • A kettle
  • Coffee cups
  • Water
  • Ground cafetiere coffee.
  • You may also need milk and sugar

Step 2: Add the coffee

Remove the filter and put one tablespoon of coffee into the bottom of the cafetiere jug for every cup you want to brew. Boil the kettle and wait a minute for the water to cool slightly, to avoid burning the ground coffee.

Step 3: Add the water

Pour water into the cafetiere according to your taste. The less water you add, the stronger the coffee will be.
Leave the coffee to brew for 2 minutes before inserting the filter.
Top tip: Pour the remaining hot water from the kettle over the filter, as this will cause it to expand and fit the cafetiere jug more tightly.

Step 4: Plunge

Fit the filter over the top of the cafetiere jug and plunge it slowly into the coffee. Pour and serve with cold milk if required.