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How To Make Centrepeices

How To Make Centrepeices

How To Make Centerpieces: This video shows how to make flower centerpieces for special occasions or just to decorate your family table at meal times. If you want to show off your skills as a florist and impress friends and family this is the video for you.

Hi. My name is Alexandra Lyons and I am a master florist at John Lewis here in Oxford Street. And I'm going to show you today how to make centerpieces.

You will need some pots, jam jars are very nice to use. Some pins for decoration, any flowers that you have. We've got here just some nice pinks and greens.

Place the foliage in the pot first, that's the important bit, the foliage really makes the flowers look good. Always strip the bottom of the stem so it doesn't go in the water because that causes the bacteria. A good tip for flower vases is to put a sterilizing tablet in with the vase of water, and that keeps it nice and clear and keeps the flowers clean.

I'm just going to cut some flowers, again on a slant, this opens up the stem so it will drink a little more and the shorter you cut flowers the longer they will last because they don't have so long to drink up to the top of the stem. I'm just going to place some roses, again I'm taking this foliage off, and just placing these in between. It's nice to have different shapes when you're putting flowers together.

If everything is the same shape it looks a little flat. This would be really pretty for a little girls Christening actually. I've got a couple of little mini antheriums here which again is another different shape.

Just going to get a couple of pins and put them on top of the roses, they catch the light nicely. And what's very nice for a centerpiece is to obviously to have more than one of them. You can put them on the table together and it creates much more impact.

So you could have them clustered like that or you could have them in a line. So you'd put them in a line for a long table, and if its a round or a square table you'd cluster them.
And that is how you make centerpieces. .