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How To Make Chicken Casserole

How To Make Chicken Casserole

This popular delicious casserole is economical to cook and a popular family dinner. For a dinner party you can always add wine.


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170° c  -  340° f

Step 1: You will need

  • 4 chicken portions on bone
  • 2 small onions thinly sliced
  • half pint chicken stock
  • 3 medium carrots

Step 2: coat chicken portions

coat the chicken portions in flour, and paprika and season with salt and pepper

Step 3: Turn oven to 170 degrees celsius

Step 4: Fry onions

Add enough olive oil to casserole dish to coat the bottom and gently fry the onions until soft

Step 5: Add chicken portions

Add the chicken portions and after a few minutes turn them over to brown on other side

Step 6: Add chicken Stock

Add the chicken stock so that it comes half way up the chicken.

Step 7: Add carrots

Add the carrots which have been sliced thickly

Step 8: Coat everything

Turn everything so that it has been coated in the stock

Step 9: Put in oven

Pop on the lid and place in the oven for about 1 and half hours. The sauce by the end of the cooking time should have evaporated so that you have a nice thick sauce at the bottom of the pan. If you find that your oven was too hot then it may have evaporated too much so keep an eye on it in case you need to add some more chicken stock.

Step 10: Other recipes

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