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How To Make Chili Vodka

How To Make Chili Vodka

Chili vodka is a delicious spicy tipple on its own, or can be use in any number of cocktails to add an exciting kick! Ali Tatton from Mixology Events shows you how to make it in this step by step guide. Drink with caution!


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  • 1 bottle of vodka
  • 4 birdseye chilis


Slice along the chilis, making sure the seeds remain inside the fruit.

Pour a little of the vodka out, then put the prepared chilis into the bottle of vodka.

Leave the bottle in a cool, dry place for about five days, after which time the chilis will start to infuse into the vodka. At that point you can taste it to see how spicy it is; you can either leave the chilis in and let the vodka get even spicier, or take them out.