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How To Make Chilli Paneer

How To Make Chilli Paneer

Are you wanting to spice up your Vegetarian menu? Then try this very simple Chilli Paneer, a healthy dish with lots of protein which is perfect as part of a healthy diet.

Hi, I'm Romy Gill. Today I am going to show you how to make an authentic Indian dish. Hi.

I am going to show you how to make Chilli Paneer. I marinated some Chilli Paneer here. Those who don't know what a Paneer looks like, it is very easy to make at home.

But, you can find it at any supermarket, anywhere nowadays. You don't have to go to the specialty shops. You can buy it anywhere.

Just go to the world cheeses, and you will be able to find it. It doesn't taste of anything. It is just very bland, it doesn't have any flavour, nothing like that.

But if you marinate it, it just has such an amazing flavour. What I've done is diced it very small with Red Kashmiri Chilli, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Powder, and Garam Masala, a little bit of Soy sauce, and a little bit of honey just so that it kind of sticks to the Paneer. And in the end, I've got a very, very little bit of corn flour, because then if you do that it all sticks really, really well.

So we keep that aside here. I've got a pan which is very, very hot, and I am going to add two teaspoons of rapeseed oil. This is what we've been looking for.

This is amazing. Next we are going to add chopped red onions. I am going to add the chopped garlic in there at the same time.

We haven't grated it. We just need garlic, no ginger. And let it go really, really brown.

We've got some sliced onions. It needs loads of onions. We've got red peppers, and green peppers, all diced nicely, and some spring onions, and some green chillies.

So, we are going to add the green chillies at the same time, with the seeds. We are going to add a pinch of salt, just very little salt. It really makes the colour go really nice as well.

And now we are going to add the chopped tomatoes. We are going to cover the pan and let it cook on high heat. We are going to add all the sliced onions in there, and we are going to add peppers, spring onions, everything.

Mix it well. Look at that beautiful colour. We are going to add some more chillies, some salt, some coriander powder, and garam masala, and mix it well.

We are going to use tomato ketchup. It is going to be a very sweet and sour dish. And there it goes.

Just slowly mix it well. It doesn't take long at all to cook paneer. And you don't want the onions to cook.

You need that crunchy bite with the peppers and the onions. I love this dish, and so do my kids, they love it, and their friends love it. Because when they go to school, I put them in pita bread, half the pita bread.

Make it as a pocket and put it in. It's amazing. You can do the similar thing with chicken as well.

And bring it to the office and it is very healthy. Especially in India, a lot of people are vegetarian, and this is a good source of protein for them. We are going to let it cook on a very medium heat, not low heat, medium heat, keep stirring occasionally, and in five minutes the dish will be done.

This is how the Chilli Paneer is made. It doesn't take long at all. Serve it with chi-pates or pita bread, wrap, anything really.

This is how you make my Chilli Paneer. .