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How To Make Chinese Chicken Wings

How To Make Chinese Chicken Wings

An instructive and intuitive guide to preparing and cooking Chinese Chicken Wings. Follow this recipe for a different twist. |Chinese recipes, Chinese chicken wings, chicken wings, Chinese chicken, Chinese chicken wings recipe, Chinese chicken wings ingredients, stock, sugar, soy sauce, cooking chicken wings, cooking Chinese,

What we're going to do here is I'm going to show you how to make a few different recipes. Right, I'm going to show you how to make Chinese chicken wings. It's actually a soy sauce chicken recipe.

We've got these chicken wings here; I'm just going to, for presentations sake, take the wing tips off. Just straight down there. It's much more helpful with a chopper; if you want to go a bit more careful, you can just sort of crack into it like that.

And that's probably the safer way to do it, otherwise you're going to just aim and go straight through. All you need, apart from that, is some dark soy sauce, some sugar, and some water or stock; and that's it. So I'm going to show you how to cook them up.

It's always nice to add a bit of ginger as well. Once your oil's hot, pop your ginger in. Chicken wings go straight into the pan.

You want to seal up your chicken wings so they go sort of nicely golden brown on the outside before you start adding any sauce. Alright, your dark soy sauce, you want to put enough in to cover your chicken wings about, no more than, a quarter of the way up the actual wings themselves in the pan. So, I'm going to go straight across; and you do need quite a bit, so I'm going to go all the way across and that's about a quarter of the way up the wings.

Sugar, you're going to put about three to four spoons, tablespoons of sugar in there. I put three in first, just to see how caramelized it gets. You're going to really stir it in, bubble it through and you're going to see that sugars really thickened up that soy sauce there.

So, it's quite caramel like, you see that? I think three tablespoons are actually fine for what we've got there because that's the look we're looking for. That's what you're going for, that caramel texture. When you put your stock in, I've got chicken stock here, but you can just use hot water if you want to; that's absolutely fine.

You want to just cover the whole layer of chicken wings there with your stock. So, we need a few ladles of stock. Heat down.

You need quite a bit here. This is really going to stew up nicely and as you keep going on it, it will take about twenty minutes or so for your sauce to thicken up again. You can see there that there's just enough stock in there to just about cover your chicken wings.

Pop the lid on. Turn it down to a medium heat. Let it simmer for about twenty minutes and your chicken wings will be ready.

So that's how to make Chinese Chicken Wings.