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How To Make Chocolate Roses

How To Make Chocolate Roses

Everything looks better with chocolate on it! In this Videojug tutorial Billie and Annabelle from Confection Perfection in, show you how to make chocolate roses.


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  • Belgian chocolate paste, also known as chocolate plastique or modelling chocolate


Break off a small piece of chocolate paste. Warm and soften it in your hands.

Once soft, roll the paste into a ball and then into a cone using your fingers.

To make the petals, break off another piece of chocolate paste and roll into a ball. Place the ball between two sandwich bags and press the ball down firmly using your fingers until flat.

Wrap the petal tightly around the cone. Curl back the edges using your fingers and thumb. Repeat with a further three petals, tucking each one inside the one before until the cone is completely covered.

To make a full rose, add another five petals, shaping them in the same way. Pinch the rose at the bottom with your fingers to prevent the petals falling off. Curl the petals back using your fingers and thumb.

Once you're finished shaping the rose, cut the excess paste from the bottom.