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How To Make Christmas Cupcakes

How To Make Christmas Cupcakes

In this tutorial, Harpreet from Crumbs! Couture Cupcakes demonstrates some fun Christmas cupcake designs that will make the season even more special.


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  • cupcakes
  • green fondant icing
  • red fondant icing
  • edible glitter


Holly Cupcake

Sprinkle icing sugar onto your work top and rub into your hands to prevent the icing from sticking.

Flatten out the green fondant icing using your fingers. Use half of an '8' cutter to carve out a holly leaf shape in the icing. Repeat to make three leaves.

Roll two smooth balls from the red fondant icing to make the berries.

Place on top of an iced cupcake and sprinkle with green and red edible glitter.

Christmas Tree Cupcake

Flatten out the green fondant icing using your fingers and cut out a Christmas tree shape using a dinner knife.

Place the tree shape onto the iced cupcakes while it is still soft.

Pipe a trunk and some baubles onto the tree using black and red icing. Add a gold dragee to the top for the star.