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How To Make Christmas Decorations

How To Make Christmas Decorations

Here's a DIY idea on adding a new touch to your old Christmas decorations and making your own Christmas gifts as well.

Hello, my name's Kevin Shenton. I'm the UK manager of Marabu Creative. We've managed to put together a range of videos showing all aspects of fabric, textile painting along with glass painting and porcelain painting.

Right, I'm going to give you a brief demonstration now of Marabu Easy Marble Paint. This is a wonderful paint. It's a solvent-based product.

It comes within a 50 ml tube but it's ideal for a whole range of decorations and it's quite a remarkable product. It happens almost instantly. So, you basically need a jar of normal water.

I'm using one of the Marabu sets that we have here and within that, there are three individual paints and a few stars and shapes to decorate. But you can use anything, an old cat litter tray, something that you really do not want to use, a plastic container or McDonald's, anything that's old because the individual ink will mark it, so it's something that you don't really want to use again. Very simply, a jug of water, cold water ideally, give it a good shake because it is a solvent-based product, so when working with children, ideally with rubber gloves or something suitable, and then all you're going to do and I'm going to easily do one shape, and just add a couple of drops.

A couple of drops to the water and you'll see it sits on the drop like a drive on the house, it just sits on the top of the surface, and then gently add another couple of colours. Let's give that a bit more shake. It's alright.

And another couple of colours, so from individual colours, and all I'm now going to do is make my own pattern. So, you bring in a pattern. You see how dramatically changes and then what we're going to do is I'm going to do just a plastic shape on this occasion.

I'll put this up to a polystyrene shape and you add the polystyrene shape and then you just simply take it to submerge. Put it all the way to the bottom and then what you'll see is the paint disappears and then comes out in the egg in quite a nice effect to the outside of your polystyrene shape. Just on as well, a Christmas decoration.

Now, these are economical Christmas decorations so I've got my own unique Christmas balls and what I've done there is just used one colour on a gold Christmas ball and I'll now decorate a gold ball using red. So, I'll just go into that. When you've done and finished the water, you can still use it again because most of the paints are busted.

Anything that's there, take it away, and again I'm going to go on and show you the red. But this time, I'm going to put in red as one colour onto the effect so I drop it in, make a pattern, individual shape, and then gradually pop in the ball and you'll see the shape, it starts as plain and now you've got a unique piece of artwork. Now, what you must remember with these is a solvent-based product.

The individual sets retail for around 10 pounds and involve 6 individual paints. The paints mixed within each of there quite well but please be aware if you're working with children, these can mark their skin very easily and there is an amount of toxicity. What I've also done here again using similar techniques but using a cat litter tray, I've gone to decorate a piece of silk.

I've also done silk here and candles, very nice. Candles are ideal because again using the same technique, here's my small candle, mixing your colours, and then gently submerge the candles holding the wick into it, pull it out and you've taken a unique candle effect. This is a continuation of the polystyrene part with the small little candle holders with again one colour with the green candle, but one colour, clear glass, put in the glass in there taking the marble effect, your own unique colorful CD cases and these were economical mirrors from a well-known retailer from Sweden, and again, dip them in the cat litter tray and decorate.

So, you have your own unique decorations with this effect. I say the only thing to be aware of is obviously, they're solvent-ba