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How To Make Christmas Flower Arrangements

How To Make Christmas Flower Arrangements

You won't believe how easy it is to learn how to create fantastic Christmas decorations. Make your home festive for the holidays with tips from Theme Traders!

Today, we are going to show you how to make the most beautiful Christmas floral arrangement. As you can see here, we have a fantastic selection of different things we can use to make bouquets. We've got things like pebbles, glitter spray, feathers; weve got white and also silver twigs which all look lovely.

We've got some silver holly which we've sprayed with glitter and silver. We'll start with this one here, we've got a beautiful martini glass which you can buy from Theme Traders, which is a beautiful elegant solution for any table center, simply because there's no obstruction of view, so if there is anyone at the tablet, people can still see through. But this is a beautiful decoration on top.

Just at the moment, we've got a few Christmas baubles; however, I can show you how to make one of these, which is a beautiful solution for any table center. Christmas baubles are just a really, really simple idea. So, literally, just fill your martini glass with them, you can even add lights in the bottom, something really, really quick, simple, and very effective, gives a beautiful height on the tables.

Alternatively, if you want to make this, just adding the beads to it makes a great basis. Another tip is battery-operated pea lights such as this. Simply just nestle them in, shake them around; it just gives them an added dimension to it.

Some beautiful feathers and if you'd like to as well, just a little bit of glitter spray to make it extra dazzling. There are loads of other things which you can do as long as you almost have a vestibule, as it were, to work with, something like a cylindrical vase, you can add rings of holly - you can put Christmas baubles again in there, even anything from giant snowballs. Really, anything works as long as there's a touch of sparkle in it.

Another really, really simple idea is you get a tall vase like this, again you can simply just add some beads like we have here, to the base of it, and birch, think we'll go for white, slot it in, it makes the perfect Christmas-inspired table center. Another idea that we have here is a goldfish bowl, you could use fresh ivy, mistletoe, holly, anything you need, just wrap it around inside. Again, add some lights like we have here, and it gives you a real alternative.

So, these are just to get you started and give you an idea of the basics that you can work from. Even adding a bit of fabric and some glitter balls will give it that extra final touch. Really important just to play around and tweak them until they're looking absolutely perfect.

And that is how you create the perfect Christmas flower arrangement.