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How To Make Clay Beads

How To Make Clay Beads

Do you want to make your own clay beads? In this step by step guide Jessica Rose, jewellery maker at the London Jewellery School, shows you how to make beautiful striped beads in no time at all!

You Will Need

  • tissue blade
  • head pin
  • fimo clay, 2 colours preconditioned


Cut a square out of one colour of clay and place it on top of the other colour, pushing it down to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped between the layers. Cut the edges down to make the two layers line up.

Cut three or four equal strips, then place them on top of each other and squeeze them together to release any air stuck between them.

Cut the strip in half and place the two pieces on top of each other, then cut a fairly thick strip for your first bead, cutting any uneven bits off the edges. Cut some more beads to the size of the first bead.

Push your headpin, or piece of wire, all the way through each bead to create the hole for the thread.

Bake the beads on a piece of paper folded into a concertina shape for thirty minutes at 110 degrees Celsius.

Leave the beads for about 20 minutes to cool before use.