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How To Make Coconut Burfi - Indian Dessert

How To Make Coconut Burfi - Indian Dessert

Coconut fan??…here is something for you – A quick and easy fix for your cravings. The best thing about it is that it has a long refrigerator shelf life. So, when that sweet craving hits you, you know in which direction to head. For a detailed recipe, please click below: http://www.showmethecurry.com/2007/05/17/coconut-burfi/


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Step 1: You will need

  • 4 cups (1000ml) Coconut Powder, Dried and shredded
  • 14 ounce can Sweetened, Condensed Milk
  • 1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder
  • For coating Butter

Hi, welcome to Showmethecurry.com. I’m Anuja. And I’m Hetal. A: And today we’re going to show you how to make very easy Coconut Burfi.

Here are the only four ingredients you’ll need. Four cups coconut power, dried and shredded, available an any Indian grocery store. Sweetened, condensed milk: one 14-ounce can. Cardamom powder: quarter teaspoon. Butter, to coat the bottom of your pan.

We’re going to start off by dry-roasting our coconut powder. Burfi is an Indian sweet that can be eaten as a snack or after any spicy Indian meal. When roasting the coconut, you want to wait for a nice, fragrant smell to come and as soon as it does, you’re going to continue with the rest your process. You don’t want to wait until the coconut gets brown. Also, please keep stirring it constantly. Let’s pour in our condensed milk.

You want to constantly stir this and let all the ingredients come together. You can also turn down your flame a little bit, and keep stirring. It looks like our condensed milk is being incorporated nicely into our coconut, so we can go ahead and sprinkle in our cardamom powder. Cardamom is one of those Indian spices that, it’s so fragrant, and almost all desserts have it. Burfis are made at times of festivals, as well. And there are a lot of festivals in our part of the world, so, any festival, we have so many different types of burfis. This is a very nice one, very easy to make, and just tastes awesome.

You’ll continue to cook this, not too long, just about two or three minutes. What you’re looking for is the condensed milk to get a little less sticky, and you want the coconut to start clumping together. OK, it looks like our coconut is clumping together, and it’s coming together nicely.

We can go ahead and switch off our stove. And now we’re going to pour this mixture into a baking dish. But before we pour, we are going to grease our baking dish with a little butter. That prevents it from sticking, and it’s just easier to cut, and to make pieces. You just need to smear it a little bit. You don’t want a lot of butter on the bottom. It makes your life a lot easier when you’re trying to pull this out later. Any kind of butter will do. Even if you have ghee, which is clarified butter, that will work, also. Baking dish is smeared and we’re going to pour the coconut in.

And now we’re going to press this into our plate. The tighter it’s packed in the better, because burfi is one of those sweets which needs to be cut later, and if it’s packed in tightly, the pieces will turn out better. This is such an easy way of making burfi. It’s really easy and you know how I like to use this burfi is when you go to somebody’s house, you end up taking a bottle of wine or something. Instead, sometimes I make this burfi and I put it on a nice plate and take it with me. It’s a nice gesture. It’s homemade, first of all, and you know, they’ll really remember you and think about you when they eat these. Because it really is delicious. Make sure this mixture is not too hot when you’re doing this, otherwise you will burn your hands.

OK, our burfi looks like it’s packed in there pretty good. And we’re going to refrigerate this whole pan for about one hour. And that’s a very important step, so please don’t skip it. You know, if you do, that burfi, if you start trying to cut this right now, it’s never going to work, so refrigeration really helps to solidify it, and your actual pieces turn out a lot nicer and prettier looking.

OK, our burfi has been in the refrigerator for one hour now, and I think it’s ready to cut. We’re going to use a butter knife. And we’re going to grease it slightly, so it doesn’t stick to our burfi. And usually Indian sweets, especially burfis, they’re cut into a diamond shape. So, that’s very easy to do. You just cut one side straight like this, and flip your pan around about 45 degrees and start cutting diagonally.

This has a really long shelf-life also, in the refrigera