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How To Make Collage Frames

How To Make Collage Frames

Learn how to create your very own collage frames with this video or at least choose the right frame for your collage. Watch it now!

Now what can you can remember with frame in collage is that quite often the collage is deeper than the normal picture. If we take a normal picture like this and you think “Ok, well this is another grim little picture, I want to replace it with something more exciting” you will notice that the frame is pretty flat and there's a mount around it and the original painting is held there so there's very little space for the depth of the picture. If your collage is very flat then you could use a frame like this and it would sit fit within the mount and that would be fine but what if your collage is built up of lots of different elements and it's a little bit more 3D than this, you've not just got photos, you've got bits of material, you've got maybe bits of sponge or whatever it is you put into your collage so it is rising too high above the level of the picture for you to use a normal frame.

Now there what i suggest you to do is use a box frame, now this is a box frame and they are made like this, they have depth in the picture that is to say, if I take off the protective wrapping off the edges here and I just hold it up you can see that the distance to the glass from the backing is much greater from the distance from the distance between the glass and the backing in this picture here. So the best thing is you can make the frame and that is quite a complex procedure if your pretty handy then maybe you can miter the edges but quite often it is a good idea just to get a frame made like this from a reputable frame or art supplies and you get it on the size that you want. I quite like frames that are plain like this, that your collage isn't distracted by u know a lot of guilt or whatever it is and typically it is just the natural wood has just got some white lining rubbed into it or maybe you want a black frame that just keeps the actual framing very simple and remember that you are want a frame that is going to give enough border around your collage so that it is not too crammed by the frame itself maybe a couple of inches but it varies that's a matter of taste.

So if the frame is already made for you, what you are going to do is bend back all of these little metal tabs here and it doesn't take very long. You could use a little screw driver if they are very stiff to force them back but I could do this easily with my fingers and then you will notice that the backing will come out. first of all, there is a piece of cardboard and there will be a piece of acid free board on which you can place your mount .

you may need like a craft knife or something just to lift that board out. once I have taken it out you will notice that the gap between the glass and the back board is insured by this lining here and there's a nice gap between the collage and the glass itself so that you would then attach the collage there, replace it, put the back board on top, bend all of these down and you will have your collage framed in a box frame.