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How To Make Cool Gadgets

How To Make Cool Gadgets

This shows a handful of cool experiments, cool gadgets, that you and your kids can make at home as the materials needed are common household items.

In this video, I am going to show you how to make cool gadgets. For this, you will need cello tape, scissors, an elastic band and 3 pieces of paper, 2 longer than the third one, and a drinking straw. I'm going to start by showing you how to make your own catapult.

For this, all you need is your elastic band. Now, you need to put it on the first joint of your pinky finger like that, then holding it there, you want to bring it round in front of your thumb, put it on the very end of your forefinger and then let go with your pinky finger. That's how to make a catapult.

Next, I am going to make a flying fish. For this, you need one of your longer pieces of paper and your scissors. I am going to start by making a cut about this far down the paper and you want to make it just over halfway like that.

Then on the other side, opposite side, you want to do exactly the same thing again just over halfway, then take the two cups and make them neat, like so. So, you should have something that looks like a very simple fish and when you hold it above your head and drop, you'll see it spins down to the ground and for our final gadget, we are going to make a supa lupa. For this, you will need to first of all make a big loop out of your large piece of paper.

To do that just by holding the two ends by cello tape, you can do the same with a shorter paper to create a smaller loop like that, then take your straw and attach one end to the smaller loop and the other end to the larger loop and there you have your supa loop which should fly better than a paper airplane. And that's how to make cool gadgets. .